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Driven – Self Inflicted

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1. World To Me
2. Necessary
3. Shine
4. No 1 2 U
5. The Best Of Me
6. Driven
7. Mr. Perfect
8. Pump
9. Speck
10. Bittersweet
11. The Lorax12. Come Clean

Timm Saxton (vocals)
Larry Dennison (bass, backing vocals)
Tracy G (guitar, keyboards)
Mike Terrana (drums)
Produced by : Tracy G
Engineered by :Tracy G
Mixed by : Tracy G
Mastered by : Glenn Grijalva

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DRIVEN – the new rising star in New Metal! This band, formed in L.A. by Tracy G., can present a line up that says it all, convincing you with its absolut uniqueness! From ’93 til ’99, Tracy G. played with DIO and is responsible for the guitar sound on three albums and three world tours. After leaving DIO, he decided to search on his own and, together with singer Timm Saxton, founded the metal band DRIVEN. SNACK, a band that was hip in all the insider clubs all around L.A., and their singer Timm, started it all for Tracy G. and DRIVEN. Larry Dennison, old mate from DIO, plays with DRIVEN. He can brag with recordings with LITA FORD and TONY MC ALPINE. Mike Terrana, the exceptional drummer, completes DRIVEN. Born in Buffalo, N.Y., Terrana is to be counted among the best in his field. In his own right, he supported bands like RATT and SAXON. He recorded several albums with TONY MC ALPINE, and he produced YNGWIE MALMSTEENs seventh album, “Sign.” Moving to Europe, Mike also changed the sound. Groups like GAMMA RAY, HELLOWEEN, and AXEL RUDI PELL asked for his support. Latest highlight of his career was his engagement with RAGE. Together with these German “Heavy Metallers”, he played on “Ghosts”, and “Welcome To The Other Side.” They did a major European tour and played on numerous festivals. With DRIVEN, the four musicians found their own way. “Self Inflicted” convinces everybody with it’s modern, powerful, and up-and-coming “New Metal”. Their style is to be placed between TOOL, GODSMACK and PANTERA!

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