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Eight Of Spades – Driven By Hate

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1. March of the Lambs
2. Revolt
3. Come with Me
4. Destroy
5. Ride
6. Take it
7. Survive
8. Drive by Hate
9. Hey You!
10. High Speed Rock ‘n’ roll
11. Eight of Spades


J. Pouille (vocals)
Peter (bass)
Jeff (guitar)
Cedrico (drums)


Produced by: tbd

Engineered by: tbd

Mixed by : tbd

Mastered by: tbd

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If Motorhead and the Sex Pistols had a bastard child, it might sound like France’s Eight of Spades. Throw in a helping of some old-fashioned speed metal, maybe even some hardcore, and their sound is rounding out. On their second work Driven by Hate, Eight of Spades brings all these dynamics. Oh yeah, the punk anger is there too. However, as usual you’re not quite sure what these Frenchmen are so pissed about. Some bad wine or maybe the fact that the French government wants to raise the official retirement age?
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