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Embraze – Endless Journey

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1. Whispers
2. Lost
3. Endless Journey
4. Robot Stud
5. Passion
6. Tenderness
7. One Moon One Star
8. This Cold Day
9. Lethal Dance
10. Looking Ahead To The Embrace Of Hell

Lauri Tuohimaa (guitar, vocals)
Ilkka Leskela (drums)
Heidi Maatta (keyboards)
Markus Uusital (guitar)
Toni Kaist (bass)
Produced by : tbd
Engineered by : tbd
Mixed by : tbd 
Mastered by : tbd

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Hailing from the frozen tundra’s of Northern Finland come a group of musicians with the edge, experience and talent: The band in question here, is EMBRAZE. EMBRAZE were formed in late ’94 by Lauri Tuohimaa (vocals and guitars) and Ilka Leskela (drums). The band went into serious song writing mode and began pumping out demo, after demo. This, naturally, led to several gigs throughout Finland. It even brought them to the Finnish Rock Championships. Apparently they were doing something right because they came in first place one year, and second place the following two years! In 1998 EMBRAZE went into the studio to record their debut album “LAEH”. The following summer, EMBRAZE were asked to play the legendary Nummirock festival in Finland to support bands like DREAM THEATER, SLAYER, PANTERA, country mates CHILDREN OF BODOM and STRATOVARIUS, and several others. Already in late 1998, EMBRAZE entered the studio for the second time that year and recorded material for their second release, as well as covering SLAYER’s “Chemical Warfare” for the “Straight To Hell” SLAYER tribute album. Immediately after leaving the studio, EMBRAZE set off for a full tour of Finland with label mates and renowned act AFTERWORLD. 1999 brought about another recording session and their second full length album entitled “Intense”, they were asked to return to Nummirock once again with bands such as MOTÖRHEAD, SCORPIONS, DANZIG and HAMMERFALL. Following that, they headed for the Iiosaarirock-Festival to share the stage with HENRY ROLLINS, ANATHEMA and PARADISE LOST. In July 2001, “Endless Journey” will be released, and this is without a doubt, EMBRAZE’s slap in the face to the rest of the continent. With EMBRAZE’s unique style of gothic vibes with a death metal undertone, the EMBRAZE sound carried throughout the country. Imagine if you will, HIM popped in a blender with a dash of CHILDREN OF BODOM and 10 ounces of SENTENCED!

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