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Eternal Flight – Under The Sigh Of Will

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Gerard Fois (vocals, gutiar) 


Christopher Offredi (guitar) 


Nicolas Jeanpierre (bass, backing vocals) 


Sebastien Vibert (keyboards)Arnaud Gorbaty (drums)Alexadre Stellini (drums) 




Produced by: Gerard Fois 


Engineered by: Gerard Fois 


Mixed by : Gerard Fois 


Mastered by: Lance King 

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ETERNAL FLIGHT features lead vocal Gérard Fois (ex Dream Child signed in 1999 by Metal Blade Records !), drum expert Arnaud Gorbaty (from Alkemyst 1st album signed to Nuclear Blast !) and the talented instrument wizardry of Christophe Offredi (Lead guitars), Nicolas Jean Pierre (Bass) and Sébastien Vibert (Keys) becoming one of the best selling acts on the label, outselling many of their peers releases. With a solid basis this strong and creative line-up E.T. continued working on their follow up album “Under The Sign Of Will”, driven by the same will to produce a great sounding/looking package and yet remain playing live shows, interviews and gaining new fans through the net (myspace among others) in the USA and Canada This melodic Power/prog Metal band is based in Annecy, France (Near Switzerland / Italy) was formed in February 2001 around Gérard Fois an experienced singer known for his previous work on two albums with DREAM CHILD ( Metal Blade Records). During which time he teamed up with guitarist Christophe Offredi and bass player Nicolas Jean Pierre and drummer Arnaud Gorbaty (playing with ALKEMYST ( Nuclear Blast). ETERNAL FLIGHT is an Amazingly talented technical Power Metal band, displaying progressive elements, musicality and much power, Gérard vocals sounds a little like Bruce Dickenson, but also having much of his own flavor as well. The songs are technical but not overly so, unlike many of the latest prog-power shred albums released as of late, this album is not filled with mindless wankery, rather lush with well written passages and some great tasteful flash where it should be and played to perfection. ?Ad the bands myspace page to your friends.

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