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Fandango – Cadillac

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Joe Lynn Turner (vocals, guitar)
Rick Blakemore (guitar, vocals)
Bob Danyls (bass, vocals)
Larry Dawson (keyboards)
Abe Speller (drums)

Santos (percussion)

Produced by: Ed Newmark, Warren Schatz
Engineered by: Jack Malken, Michael Barry
Mastered by : Howie Weinberg
Digitally Remastered by: Andy Pearce

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THE GREAT thing about the 1970’s was that record companies actually allowed artists time to develop and refine their craft. Fandango, signed to the powerful RCA label, recorded a total of three albums of varying quality and content prior to the release of ‘Cadillac’, a record which most fans agree finally saw them take flight as a mature and fully confident melodic hard rock band in the finest late seventies tradition. This was tough-guy melodic hard rock with great songs, memorable hooks and punchy guitar work. It was also the coming of age of vocalist Joe Lynn Turner, a man who would, after the demise of Fandango, go on to achieve huge success with a number of projects not least of all as the lead vocalist of both Rainbow and Deep Purple. It was also a record that divided the band internally whilst its commercial failure led to an inevitable final split. Looking back there is no question that ‘Cadillac’ stands loud and proud alongside revered classic of the genre bolstered by a choice song writing quota, fiery guitar playing and just the right amount of controlled mayhem in the drum ‘n bass department. In addition, Joe Lynn Turner makes his mark as a vocalist of distinction, a voice that would propel him to deserved success in the following years. An overlooked classic make no mistake. Special Limited Deluxe Collector’s Edition. Remastered – sound shaped from 24 but digital via POW-r technology. 12 page full colour booklet – Original and enhanced artwork with memorabilia and 4,000 Word essay & new interview with Joe Lynn Turner.

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