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Farther Paint – Lose Control

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Monia Rossi (vocals)
Gabriele Manocchi (keyboards)
Francesco Federici (guitars)
Thomas Bianchi (bass)
Luca Prima (drums)




Produced by: Francesco Federici &
Gabriele Manocchi


Engineered by: Francesco
Federici, Gabriele Manocchi


Mixed by : Francesco
Federici, Gabriele Manocchi


Mastered by: tbd 

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Hailing from Italy, Farther Paint are at the forefront of a new movement of progressive metal hailing from the country and were discovered on myspace. Farther Paint plays highly technical progressive metal but always with a keen eye on the song being the overall important element. Farther Paint carry the distinction of being fronted by the soulful female vocals of Monia Rossi, a voice that is able to convey pure emotion and adds an exciting element to the bands sound. Musically the band are fronted by the guitars of Francesco Federici, the keyboards of Gabriele Manocchi all underpinned by the bass work of Thomas Bianchi and drum monster Luca Prima whose work here deserves to propel him to the forefront of modern day drum masters. “Lose Control” is an experimental album where the instrumental parts don’t prevail over the voice, but support it. It’s composed by 8 tracks with two purely instrumental bookends. The first “lose control” is opening while “anger” sum up the whole concept album bringing it to a turning point. Farther Paint are about conveying an original sound, which is given prominence by vocals parts and by lyrics. The aim of the lyrics is to convey the same feelings expressed by the instrumentation. On the bands sound, the band comment, “It’s a perfect transposition of what we felt inside, in our heart, in our hands. It has been created in a free way without falling in what is expected by this kind of music and for this very reason we chose a female voice. In this way we could experiment without any limits, in a different way, maybe innovative. We were looking for a kind music not so easily classifiable, a mix of each member’s musical backgrounds to reach a shape that is unique, refined and with a particular attention for the technicality”.

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