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Fiona – Beyond The Pale


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1. Tragedy
2. Hopelessly Love You
3. Living In A Boy’s World
4. Thunder & Lightning
5. Tender Is The Heart
6. Running Out Of Night
7. In My Blood
8. He’s On My Side
9. You Better Wait
10. Keeper Of The Flame
11. Hopelessly Love You (bonus track – vocal remix)
12. Hopelessly Love You (bonus track – dub version)

Fiona Flanagan (vocals)
Bobby Messano (guitar)
Donnie Kisselbach (bass)
Benjy King (keyboards)
Joe Franco (drums)

Produced by: Beau Hill
Engineered by: Stephen Benben
Mixed by : name
Mastered by: Ted Jensen
Digitally Remastered by: Andy Pearce

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Special Deluxe Collector’s Edition. Fully remastered sound shaped from 24 BIT digital technology. Contains two bonus tracks. 16 page full colour booklet – 3,500 word essay, enhanced artwork, photos and new interview with Fiona. Fiona’s self titled debut album certainly introduced a sensational new talent to the world of femme fronted rock. Her striking looks and gilded vocals made for a fascinating combination, giving her an edge comparable to the anthemic styles of Pat Benatar, Patty Smyth and Heart. The debut album made a sure footed impact, nicely setting up her next long playing foray. For ‘Beyond The Pale’, Atlantic Records teamed her up with fast rising production talent Beau Hill, a man who made waves producing a variety of Platinum selling hard rock acts, including Ratt and Winger. It was Beau who recruited a top selection of prominent musicians including Nile Rodgers, Kip Winger and Reb Beach, as well as sourcing a number of key songwriters, including material from the pens of Billy Steinberg, Bob Halligan and Peter Wolf.
This time around, the material was rockier and far more contemporary, without losing any of her rough hewn charm or bonhomie. Originally issued in 1986, the record successfully combined clean cut hi-tech production chops with sizeable blasts of anthemic rock, allowing her distinctive vocals to punch home the choruses like a hot knife through butter. Check out songs such as ‘Tragedy’, ‘Thunder & Lightning’ and the up tempo ‘You Better Wait’, for irrefutable proof.”

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