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Gaeleri – Gates Of Rome

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Anders Vidhav (vocals, guitar, keyboards)
Niklas Rollgard (guitar, backing vocals)
Jonas Andersson (bass, backing vocals)
Patrik Borgkvist (drums)

Produced by: Gaeleri, Jokke Pettersson

Engineered by: Jokke Pettersson

Mixed by : Anders Theander

Mastered by: tbd

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Gaelerii is a Swedish hard rock band which have released three critically acclaimed albums starting with their selftitled debut in 1996, followed by “Still Here” (1999) and “A Brighter Day” (2002). Two years later the band called it a day and disbanded. 2012 saw the meeting of several band members and they decided to give it a new shot. Their sound has been often described as a mixture of WHITESNAKE and THUNDER and that exactly hits the nail. The new album, “Gates of Rome”, is an amazing comeback which sounds more vibrant and alive than ever, with a fresh, but classic hard sound and a healthy dose of super catchy melodic rock hooklines.
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