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Godz, The – The Godz


Bob Hill (guitar, keyboards, vocals)
Eric Moore (bass, vocals)
Mark Chatfield (guitar, vocals)
Glen Cataline (drums, vocals)

Produced by: Don Brewer
Engineered by: Mark Stebbets
Mixed by : tbd
Mastered by: Greg Calbi
Digitally Remastered by: Andy Pearce, Matt Wortham

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IN THE BEGINNING there were the GODZ. And the GODZ created rock ‘n roll. Well, that may be slightly exaggerating things a tad but you get the picture. Formed in Columbus, Ohio this uncompromising four man hard rock band rapidly established a reputation as one of the most fearless, uncompromising acts on the scene. Moving quickly, Casablanca off-shoot Millenium Records were quick to spot their potential, snapping them up as a sort of biker rock antidote to the flamboyant stadium cavorting of label mates Kiss and Angel. Produced by Grand Funk Railroad drummer Don Brewer, the GODZ debut album is an explosive statement laced with thick, bottom heavy riffs and simplistic, almost primal, guitar solos, whilst the lyrical content makes Kiss seem positively intellectual by comparison. Best, of all however is the pure unrelenting power of the rhythm section; band leader and bassist Eric Moore out-gonzoing Ted Nugent by a country mile. Make no mistake; this is a musical Mad Max soundtrack written and performed with motorcycles, whiskey and women in mind. Tracks such as ‘Gotta Keep A Runnin”, ‘Under The Table’ and a choice interpretation of Golden Earring’s ‘Candy’s Going Bad’ make for some of the best hard rock music to have emerged from the mid seventies. The GODZ, it must be said, were veritable rock ‘n roll machines made of the finest metal. Beware false prophets. This is a Special Limited Collectors Edition and is the first time on CD. It has been remastered with sound shaped from 24 but digital via POW-r technology. Packaged with a 16 page full colour booklet using original and enhanced artwork with new photos and a 3,000 Word essay on the making of the album.

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