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Greensleeves – Green Medicine

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Anders Johansson (vocals, guitar)
Peter Ottosson (guitar, vocals)
Ulf magnusson (bass)
Pelle Petersson(drums)


Produced by: tbd

Engineered by: tbd

Mixed by : tbd

Mastered by: tbd

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GREEN SLEEVES – GREEN MEDICINE deliver classic heavy metal in the vein of JUDAS PRIEST, ACCEPT & AC/DC The band was formed in 1979 and toured a lot during the 80’s but no album was released. Now over 25 years later they explode with their great debut album GREEN MEDICINE. It is 100% metal right in your face with an energy that never ends. 10 hard metal tunes will make your head bang to the music. The vocalist & guitar player ANDERS JOHANSSON has released four great albums with his other band HEARTCRY. This summer he rocks the world harder than ever and release both HEARTCRY – FIREHOUSE & GREEN SLEEVES – GREEN MEDICINE
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