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Holm, Morton – Open Up

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1. Dreams
2. A Joyful Day
3. Anxious Mind
4. Where Are You Summertime
5. Open Up
6. No Hard Feelings
7. Life Goes On
8. UR The 1
9. Lonely Days10. Blinded
11. What Am I Gonna Do

Morton Holm Peterson (guitar)
David Johanses (keyboards)
Dave Evans (vocals)
Inge Ulrik Gundersen (bass)
Fredrik Johnsen (guitar)
Stian Joneid (guitar, backing vocals)

Produced by: David Johanses
Engineered by: David Johanses
Mixed by : David Johanses
Mastered by: Morten Lund

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Morton Holm was a was a sprinter and his goal was to became top 5 in Norway many years ago. He left to Norway for a trainingcamp in Portugal but this stay did change his life totally. He got poisioned through food or a leakage, and collapsed. For over 13 years he did stay in bed with fever, cold and many complications. No one could help him! During this long time he started writing songs. His first album “Open Up” is a wonderful record with nice high class melodic pop-rock songs!

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