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Illdisposed – The Prestige

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Bo Summer (vocals)
Jakob Hansen (guitar)
Franz Hellboss (guitar)
Jonas Mikkelsen (bass)
Thomas Jensen (drums)


Produced by: Fredrik Norstrom

Engineered by: tbd

Mixed by : tbd

Mastered by: tbd

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ILLDISPOSED have produced an album that is much more melodic than their previous releases. The Danish death metallers are slightly different from what they were back in 2001, when they released "Kokaiinum". They have changed a guitarist and a drummer, as well as label, since they are not part of the Roadrunner family anymore. Under the name of their new label AFM Records, the Death Metal act releases its ninth full-length work. As the band members say themselves, the band started experimenting more on its sound from its 2004 "1-800 Vindication" album. Their current musical form is a mixture of brutality, melody and groove. The production has been done by Fredrik Nordstrom and the sound kicks ass.

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