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Into Eternity – Dead Or Dreaming

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Daneil Nargang (vocals, guitar)
Jim Austin (drums)
Tim Roth (gutiar, vocals)
Scott Krall (bass, backing vocals)

Produced by: Into Eternity

Engineered by: Kelly Churko Johny Gasparic and Grant Hall

Mixed by: Grant Hall

Mastered by: Grant Hall

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Originally formed in 1997, Into Eternity set forth to merge the aggressive, hostile, rhythm attack of Death Metal with the clean melodic color of Progressive Metal passages, with atmospheric keyboards, slippery dynamic bass, and powerful drumming and guitar riffs. Five imaginative and innovative Canadian musicians amalgamated their diverse and complex musical styles into one common theme and released their debut self-titled album in 1999. With continual and unwavering favourable reviews from critics and metal media outlets, Into Eternity attracted the attention of DVS Records, a recording label based in The Netherlands. DVS Records and Into Eternity "inked" a deal and the band’s self-titled debut album with a bonus track and new artwork was re-released November 2000. Now both DVS Records / Rising Sun Records and Into Eternity are proud to present you the new album, "Dead Or Dreaming". With Daniel Nargang as the new guitarist, and without a keyboard player this time, this more mature release will promise fans something both powerful and enigmatic. The deep emotional theme of each song on the album will challenge the listener to think about the pain and sorrow in this world, yet somehow sustain a state of bliss. The music emanates and reverberates keeping the soul ever captivated in its blissful harmonies. This album has the dynamic range of Into Eternity’s original compositions, and proves to be heavier, yet more progressive. With three part harmonies, crunching riffs, and technical interludes, these intense musicians transcend into different planes at any given moment, yet maintain the band’s original style. This infectious mixture of deep-themed feels and diverse flexibility of playing styles and moods, will appeal to a wide range of listeners and will provide Into Eternity’s long-term fans with the opportunity to experience some relentless and visceral compositions with the band line-up and technology at its finest.

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