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Janina And The Deeds – Last Girl Standing

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Janina Dietz (vocals, guitar)
Robert Pabst (guitar, keyboards)
Ed Straker (bass)
Christian Birawsky (drums, keyboards)




Produced by: Robert Pabst 


Engineered by: Robert Pabst 


Mixed by : Robert Pabst 


Mastered by: Gavin Lursen 

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Rough, straight, upright! With only few instruments, but a clear attitude, Janina and the Deeds are beating at the pulse
of time. Janinas exceptional talent for smashing tunes, the vivid lyrics of Dominoe-Singer Jörg Sieber and the straight production style of Robert Papst: ‘they get together in an awesome way and created 11 rock-songs, which in their harsh presence partly remind of 1970es punk and rock music with a modern appeal’. Last Girl Standing Janina Dietz completed classical singing instructions and worked as an actress on Berlin theatres. In New York she deepened her education in the arts. Recordings for the Berlin pop-project ‘Soul’s Travesty’ followed. As a studio-singer, Janina Dietz is working for many German musicians. Since 2009 she also works as a presenter for Power Radio Berlin, FM. The album Last Girl Standing is mastered by Gavin Lurrsen, Los Angeles, who worked with artists like Matchbox 20, Robert Plant and Sheryl Crow. Janina and the Deeds’ agenda is filled up with several live-gigs. The album includes a video clip from the currant single ‘Bye, Bye, Bye’.

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