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Katagory V – Hymns Of Dissension

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Lynn Allers (vocals) 


Curtis Morrell (guitar) 


Dustin Mitchell (bass) 


Marc Hanson (keyboards)Matt Sutter (drums) 




Produced by: Mike Foukes, Kategory V  


Engineered by: Curtis Morrell, Mike Foukes  


Mixed by : Curtis Morrell 


Mastered by: Lance King 

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Salt Lake City, Utah’s own progressive/power metal act Katagory V, return with their 4th album “Hymns of Dissension”, displaying yet again and even more versatile, dynamic and razor-sharp metal release, and rapidly following up only a year and a half after their breakthrough third album, The Rising Anger on Nightmare Records.Keeping true with their known style of combining straight-ahead, power infused metal along side elements of old-school thrash and progressive rock; Katagory V yet again branches out even farther into more melodic, syncopated and hook-laden territories with this release. The band continues building their strength on writing songs with variety and diversity, ensuring the listener is taken on a journey each time. Katagory V began writing “Hymns of Dissension” during the Spring/Summer of 2006 and entered Streamline Sound studios in February of 2007 with producer/engineer Mike Foweks. They would spend three months tracking the album live in the studio, something the band had not done before on previous recordings. In doing so, Katagory V captured the energy and aggression that encompassed their live performances.To help capture the overall feel for the album, the band would employed the talents of famed artist Mattias Norén (Evergrey, Kamelot, Into Eternity) to create a lurid and thought provoking album cover for Hymns of Dissension . Now, Katagory V return in 2007 with a stronger, darker and more vengeful album for the metal masses.

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