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Kataklysm – Heavens Venom

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Mauizio Iacono (vocals)
J-F Dagenais (guitar)
Max Duhamel (drums)
Stephane Barbe (bass)


Produced by: J-F Dagenais

Engineered by: J-F Dagenais

Mixed by : Tue Madsen

Mastered by: Tue Madsen

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This French Canadian death metal band Kataklysm picked up some European metal influences which can be heard on Heaven’s Venom, which is a death metal album first and foremost but sometimes incorporates elements of Scandinavian black metal. There is no shortage of thrashiness and high-speed ferocity on Heaven’s Venom. But this 2010 release, for all its bombast, isn’t an exercise in all thrashiness all the time. There are tempo changes and melodic moments as well; melodic death metal of the Swedish variety is a definite influence. So even though Heaven’s Venom is a brutal pile driver of an album, it isn’t without nuance — and Kataklysm achieve some variety but always sound quite focused. Heaven’s Venom is unlikely to convert those who have resisted Kataklysm in the past, but this 46-minute CD demonstrates that after 18 years in the mosh pit, they could still bring the noise with exciting results.
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