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Lecar, Vick’s Blue Moon – Six Shooter

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Dino Castano (drums)
John Collura (vocals)
Vick Lecar (guitar, backing vocals)
Diana Jones (backing vocals)

Produced by: Vic Lecar

Engineered by: Bill Berends and Max Di Biaggio

Mixed by: Vic Lecar and Bill Barends

Mastered by: Gary Fulton

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Hard driving melodic metal with great guitar work and strong vocals. Six well-structured songs with catchy melodies, similar in style to Dokken, Racer X, and Malice. A very impressive debut full of catchy metal anthems and excellent guitar licks! Heavy metal meets the wild west, rough and raw, the way it should be. The songs! There are no fill-ins on this album, just six “shots” of great music, hence the name Six Shooter

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