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Liverani, Daniele – Daily Trauma

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1. Kingdom Gate
2. Happy Train
3. Twin Spirits
4. Wild Tribe
5. The Angel And The Sentence
6. Dream League Raid
7. Perpetual Gratitude
8. Time To Leave
9. Odd Valley
10. At The Sultan Castle
11. Sweet Lady
12. Underground
13. # 33
14. Race Against Time
15. Toy Warehouse Rescue
16. I Will Try
17. Sad Train
18. Daily Trauma

Daniele Liverani (guitar, bass, keyboards)
Dario Ciccioni (drums)

Produced by: Daniele Liverani
Engineered by: Gabriele Ravaglia
Mixed by : Andrea Trapasso
Mastered by: Andrea Trapasso

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The original name of the storybook that Italian multi-instrumentist Daniele Liverani (Empty Tremor) developed into the Genius Rock Opera trilogy was ‘Daily Trauma’: a short story written in 1997. Liverani has an evident talent in writing fantastic stories, not typical sword and horses fantasy concepts, but rather psychological and futuristic themes, tied to alternative reality concepts and human subconscious … Gradually he developed that ‘Daily Trauma’ concept, adding more details and story events… As a first natural step he composed, with the help of drummer Dario Ciccioni, some instrumental music that followed the events of the story and that in a later stage was also used in the Genius trilogy. The result of this first step of creation on the ‘Daily Trauma’ story was an instrumental album of 18 songs. All the songs were strictly connected to the story, even if it was all instrumental music. Liverani plays all guitars, bass and keyboards with only Dario Ciccioni helping on drums. The final result: “Daily Trauma”, is a sort of instrumental soundtrack album, to be listened while reading the story inserted in the booklet. The style is heavy and modern, but it is often varied and includes many styles with influences ranging from Liquid Tension Experiment to classic opera sounds. This kind of influences later brought Liverani to expand the themes into a real trilogy album which eventually became the Genius Rock Opera. So even if Genius is the main character of the ‘Daily Trauma’ story, the album is a separate thing compared to the opera even if, in Liverani’s own words: “We have an original story written in 1997, an instrumental album recorded in 1998 and then from 1999 onwards I started to work on the 3 album Genius Rock Opera “. Frontiers Records heard the tapes and decided to release them as a tribute to the “genius” behind the music!

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