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Marshall – Pages From The Past Tome 1

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1. Mission Empire
2. The Call of Banshee
3. Victims of Science
4. Flowers of Hell
5. Thermoypylae
6. Pentekonter
7. Human Quest
8. By the Light of Lady Moon
9. Krakatau
10. Knights of the Black Cross

Bruno Masulli (vocals)
Joe Dardano (guitar)
Marco Signore (keyboards)
Ly Holestone (bass)
Lino Mazzola (drums)

Produced by: Marshall
Engineered by: Claudio Esposito
Mixed by : Claudio Esposito
Mastered by: Bob Fix

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“Pages from the Past: Tome I” is the brilliant third album from one of the most powerful Italian progressive metal bands: MARSHALL. Following a successful national tour and live appearances with some of the most well-known names of the current Metal Scene (BLAZE, GRAVE DIGGER, ATROCITY), the Neapolitan band is finally back with its third studio album. Progressive and symphonic sounds, together with classical music and driving drums and bass work, create the frame in which intertwined voices tell tales from the past. This album, just like the previous sold-out one, is the result of an enhanced band synergy, as the different influences and schools are mixed up in a well-blended and organic result. The classical and jazzy influences of Joe Dardano on guitars, the progressive and gothic style of Marco Signore on keyboards and vocals, the thrash and heavy metal background of singer Bruno Masulli, the hard rock and prog metal drummer Lino Mazzola and the classic metal influences of Ly Holestone all work together to create a new and exciting Marshall sound! The resulting album is a guaranteed complete Hard & Heavy overkill and a total must for all SYMPHONY X, SHADOW GALLERY, ROYAL HUNT and early MARILLION fans.

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