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Mastermind – Insomnia





Bill Berends (guitar, keyboards, bass, vocals)
Rich Berends (drums)
Tracy McShane (vocals)
Jens Johansson (keyboards)




Produced by: Bill Behrends, Rich Behrends  


Engineered by: tbd 


Mixed by : tbd 


Mastered by: tbd 

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Progressive rock band MASTERMIND is back with their first full length album of original music in almost a decade. Since their formation in New Jersey by brothers Bill and Rich Berends in 1986 the band have become synonymous with delivering original sounding progressive rock with diverse arrangements and room for a healthy dose of experimentation. Once again the instrumentation is strong, Bill Berends guitar transcends numerous genres and combines with the keyboard interplay of Jens Johansson for a musically interesting package. “Insomnia” is the band’s seventh album and marks the album debut of vocalist Tracy McShane. The tracks have been built around McShane’s powerful vocals and focus more on songs as opposed to over the top instrumental play. As a result “Insomnia” is arguably the most accessible Mastermind album to date – yet a progression over the bands career can be heard continuing on “Insomnia” along with the elements considered to be Mastermind trademarks. Lyrically the album focuses on observations and reflections from everyday life experiences that might drive one to sleeplessness. Mastermind are a band happy to follow their own sound and have built a worldwide fan base which appreciates this outlook. “Insomnia” will come as a welcome return from their fan base and is likely to introduce a whole new generation to Mastermind’s brand of prog rock.

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