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Mattsson, Lars Eric – Obsession Ltd Ed

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Lars Eric Mattson (guitar, bass, keyboards, electric sitar)Bjorn Lodin (vocals)Chrisler Jansson (drums, percussion)



Produced by : Lars Eric MattssonEngineered by : Lars Eric MattssonMixed by : Lars Eric MattssonMastered by : tbd



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Lion Music is pleased to present a newly remastered limited edition digi-pack version of the Lars Eric Mattsson release ‘Obsession’. Originally released in 1998, ‘Obsession’ was at the time the fourth solo album from Lars Eric Mattsson seven years after his previous album “Electric Voodoo”, and just like on Lars’ previous 1995’s ASTRAL GROOVE band project he was joined by singer Bjorn Lodin (Baltimoore / Hard) with whom the pair would go on to record numerous albums together over the subsequent years. Stylistically “Obsession” can be described as the classic hard rock/metal with some neo-classical flourishes in the guitar stylings combined with Lodin’s gritty vocals. Looking back at the album now in 2012, Lars comments, “After a few years that I don’t consider to be the best part of my life I finally got that sparkle to try to do the absolutely best music I can, or rather music I would personally like to hear. I think I found myself in a very creative mood and I was able to come up with 12 really good songs that fused a lot of influences from the 70-ies and 80-ies but specially from the 70-ies. I think Obsession is my first good album since this was the first time I allowed myself to take the time I needed to complete everything. Still today I think most of these songs are really good”. Whilst the Mattsson name has been synonymous of late with more progressive metal orientated releases such as “Mattsson – Tango” (LMC282) or the upcoming release “Book Of Reflections – III Relentless Fighter” (LMC323), “Obsession” will give new fans of this guitarist highly distinctive style a solid taste of his earlier years musical stylings in this remastered limited edition digipack re-release.

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