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Maychild – Maychild

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Yvon Roberge (guitar)
Marc Spenard (vocals)
Victor Galea (vocals)
Corey Macfadyen (bass)
Dean Maton (bass)Guy Dagenais (bass)
Tim Hicks (keyboards)
Guy LeBlanc (keyboards)
Michael Shotton (drums)
Phil Bova (drums) 




Produced by: Corey Macfadyen, Yvon Roberge  


Engineered by: Corey Macfadyen 


Mixed by : Corey Macfadyen 


Mastered by: Renee Marc Aurele 

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Maychild was founded by Montreal guitarist and composer Yvan Roberge. In 2007 Maychild started the production of the debut album. The players include: Marc Spenard (vocals), Michael Shotton (drums), Corey Macfadyen (bass) and Yvan Roberge (guitars). All songs on the album were written to be accessible to a large demographic of listeners, without compromising the integrity of the material which is “all about the songs”.

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