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Miseration – Your Demons Their Angels

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Christian Alvestm (vocals)
Jani Stefanovic (guitar, drums, bass)


Produced by: tbd

Engineered by: tbd

Mixed by : Plec

Mastered by: Plec

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MISERATION’S debut album YOUR DEMONS, THEIR ANGELS is the hardest album release so far on the RIVEL RECORDS rooster. Melodic death metal in the finest way you can find these days. JANI STEFANOVIC (DIVINEFIRE
& ESSENCE OF SORROW) & CHRISTIAN ÄLVESTAM (SCAR SYMMETRY) take you on a 100% metal journey! They took the JAPANESE metal heads by storm and many more will follow all around the world. If you are into SCAR SYMMETRY, ARCH ENEMY, CHILDREN OF BODOM, SOILWORK & TESTAMENT you will be a diehard fan of MISEARATION’S album YOUR DEMONS, THEIR ANGELS !!!
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