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Moonlight Comedy – Dorothy

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Emilianio Germani (vocals)Gianluigi Farina (keyboards)Simone Fiorletta (guitar)Armando Pizzuti (bass)Andrea Scala (drums) 




Produced by: Mauro Matteuci & Moonlight Comedy 


Engineered by: Mauro Matteuci 


Mixed by : Mauro Matteuci 


Mastered by: Mauro Matteuci 

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Moonlight Comedy were formed in 1998 in Italy and immediately started to compose their own music together to present an innovative sound and individual image. The influences of nineties progressive, power metal and hard rock music are specific characteristics of Moonlight Comedy. It is very evident from listening to just a few seconds of their new album “Dorothy” that the passion of the group lies in the fusion between melodic harmonies and innovative instrumental sequences. The greatest characteristic of Moonlight Comedy is their continuous search for a sound that is able to integrate with completely free and limitless technique in order to spice up the final composition. “Dorothy” marks Moonlight Comedy’s second release on Lion Music following the 2004 release “The Life Inside” (LMC116).
Moonlight Comedy’s members, who prefer to define themselves as “Actors of the comedy at the moonlight”, have also appeared on other numerous Lion Music releases. Andrea Scala – actor V – played on the following albums: Warmth in the Wilderness 2 / A tribute to Jason Becker (LMC2255 2). The Spirit Lives On / the music of Jimi Hendrix revisited vol.1 (LMC113). Shawn Lane Remembered vol.2 / tribute to Shawn Lane (LMC109). Mistheria / Messenger of the Gods (LMC124). Simone Fiorletta – actor III – has undertaken a solo career that has become very successful with Parallel Worlds (LMC152) with a follow up already in production.

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