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Munroe, Ronny – The Fire Within

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Ronny Munroe (vocals)
Rick Van Zant (guitar)
Michael Wilton (guitar)
Randy Cooper (guitar)
Izzy Rehaume (bass)
Johnny Ringo (drums)


Produced by: Ronny Munroe, Kurt Vanderhoof

Engineered by: tbd

Mixed by : tbd

Mastered by: tbd

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Ronny Munroe’s "Fire Within" was created the way a true metal album should be – with nothing but spirit. Frustrated, unable to tour with Metal Church (on hiatus), and forced to relocate from L.A., Ronny found himself back in Seattle. What was originally supposed to be a 2009 festival-headlining tour with Metal Church turned out to be one man, forced to decide between joining society as a "9-to-5’er" or creating a new vision. Ronny chose his path-with "pen in hand" and an indomitable spirit, he sat in his small apartment and drew from "The Fire Within." From start to finish this passionate offering takes you on a journey. With a little help from guests like Michael Wilton (Queensryche) on "Sea of Sorrows" and "What You Choose to Call Hell (I Call Home)", THC (Texas Hippie Coalition) on "Ride Me", and the brilliant work of MC Guitarist Rick Van Zandt, "The Fire Within" establishes itself as a force to be reckoned with.
This vibrant 12-track offering is no joke and no lie. It’s true, it’s pure, it’s in-your-face, and will satisfy metal lovers from any genre.
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