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Mystery Bloom – Lifetime In The Heart

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4. Adore 




Nick Clemente (bass, vocals)David Garcia (drums, vocals)Bobby Gilmartin (guitar, vocals)Ray Morales (vocals, guitar)Danny Roselle (guitar, keyboards, vocals) 




Produced by: Mystery Bloom 


Engineered by: Richard Kirk and Eric Herreid  


Mixed by : Nelson Ayers and Mystery Bloom  


Mastered by: Joseph M. Palmaccio 

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Ray Morale’s voice sets the tone on the title track “Lifetime In The Heart”. His brilliant and expressive style, along with the 4 part vocal harmonies, is infectious and carried throughout the entire CD. “Face The World” is a highly melodic and beautifully arranged track which gets crowned by a marvelous chorus that you can’t shake off again. “Soulmate Serenade” is an extremely catchy rock radio friendly melody and with the acoustic version as the bonus track, Mystery Bloom is sure to leave you hungering for more.

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