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NIghtwish – Endless Forms Most Beautiful Limited Edtion

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Floor Jansen (vocals)
Marco Hietala (bass, vocals, guitar)
Emppu Vuorinen (guitar)
Thomas Holopainen (keyboards)
Jukka Nevalainen (drums)
Troy Donockley (pipes, whistles, bodhran, bouzouki, vocals) 


Produced by: Thomas Holopainen 


Engineered by: Tero Kinnunen, Mikko Karmila 


Mixed by : Mikko Karmila 


Mastered by: Mika Jussila 

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Includes Mediabook. Since the band’s inception in 1996, Nightwish have released eight full length releases, sold millions of records world-wide, and become one of the most popular female fronted, symphonic metal bands of all time. In 2015 Nightwish plan on carrying this successful formula forward and release their ninth full length album, Endless Forms Most Beautiful. Produced by Tero ‘TeeCee’ Kinnumen, Endless Forms Most Beautiful features album artwork by Finnish artist Toxic Angel and includes adult & children’s choirs, collaborative work with esteemed orchestral arranger Pip Williams, session drum work by Kai Hahto of Wintersun (who is sitting in for the ailing Nightwish drummer Jukka Nevalainen), and a guest appearance by evolutionary biologist, writer, and atheist Richard Dawkins.

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