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No Bros – Metal Marines

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Freddy Gigele (vocals)
Klaus Schubert (guitar)
Andy J. Brunner (keyboards)
Andy Marberger (bass, backing vocals)
Bernie Welz (drums)

Produced by: No Bros
Engineered by: tbd
Mixed by : Gery Moder
Mastered by: Robo Romagna

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No Bros are back in business stronger than ever. Songs like ,”Devil With An Angel’s Face” and the potential hit ,”Written In Fire” sound so light-footed like only Ian Gillan could have been with his solo works. With ,”Dance Of The Black Tattoo” everyone, who listens to Magnum and Rough Silk in sacred hours, gets down to his knees in awe and enjoys these celestial tones and absolutely outstanding fantastic drums of Bernie Welz. Neither inventive songs with the organ like ,”Song Number Nine” nor the beautifully melodic and first-class hard rock in ,”Runaway Girl” nor the outstanding ,”A Night In Touch City” must be missing. Since a ballad should be on a big hard rock album as well, ,”Find Myself” delivers this aspect.

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