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Olzon, Anette – Shine

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Anette Olzon (vocals)
Johan Glossner (guitar, bass, drums, keyboards)
Stefan Orn (keyboards)
Stefan Bergman (drums)

Produced by: Johan Kronlund, Anette Olzon

Engineered by: tbd

Mixed by : Johan Kronlund, Nicklas Flikt, Ronny Lahti

Mastered by: tbd

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From the defiant rocker ,"Shine" via the mighty power anthems ",Falling" and ",Lies", where Anette makes the most of the enormous range of her beautiful voice, through to the saccharine ballads ,"Moving Away" and ,"Floating", her debut presents everything a good album should have. Its absolute highlights, however, are those two songs she wrote for two very special men in her life: The dreamy goose bumps song ,"Invincible" which she dedicated to her oldest son, and the heart-melting ,"Watching Me From Afar", a declaration of love for her present husband. And last but not least: The epic piano power ballad ,"One Million Faces", which Anette did not only write with ´her two boys` but also with the help of two other songwriters, Martijn Spierenburg and Fredrik Bergh.
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