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Outland – Long Way Home

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Jeff Prentice (vocals, guitar, keyboards)

Rob Nishida (bass, guitar, keyboards, backing vocals)

Pat Torpey (drums)


Produced by: Rob Nishida and Jeff Prentice

Engineered by: Rob Nishida and Jeff Prentice

Mixed by : Rob Nishida and Jeff Prentice

Mastered by: Rob Nishida and Jeff Prentice

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Hard at work over a year, Outland has finally re-surfaced with their second release, Long Way Home. Building on the success attained with the release of Different Worlds last summer, the follow up is the recording that Outland principals Jeff Prentice and Rob Nishida feel, truly establishes the Outland sound and provides the listener with the complete Outland experience. "We really went through an intensive writing period for this CD", says Nishida. "As soon as we finished mastering Different Worlds in May of last year, we began writing like crazy. Inspired by the positive response we got for the CD, we wrote over 30 songs in a period of eight months and then went through the excruciating process of picking 12 for Long Way Home, including the bonus track for the Japanese release". "Long Way Home" vividly reveals every color on the Outland palette, from some of the most rocking tracks Outland has ever done, including the opener "Borderline" and an Outland-ized cover of the Thin Lizzy classic "Hollywood," to the most tender ballad they’ve ever done with "Somebody Just Like You. "I am a huge Thin Lizzy fan, so that song was a joy to record" says Prentice. On the other end of the spectrum, "Somebody" would be right at home on a Richard Marx record. Our new record should appeal to all fans of "Different Worlds" plus bring in some fans of slightly harder rock as well". A notable guest appearance on the CD is none other than ex Mr. Big drummer Pat Torpey, who provides a solid foundation for all of Long Way Home’s 11 tracks. "Having Pat play drums on this CD turned out to be a great decision" Nishida says. "Lance Tamanaha, the drummer on the last CD wasn’t available for the recording so I made a call to Pat. He’s been a friend for years, so having him play on the CD was very natural. Also, being an accomplished songwriter himself, he knew instinctively what each song needed, and played his heart out on each one." If you’ve been missing Pat’s amazing drumming since the break-up of Mr. Big several years ago, check him out on Long Way Home. His playing is better than ever.
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