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Paganini – Medicine Man

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Marc Paganini (vocals)

Dale Powers (guitar, keyboards, backing vocals)

Diego Rapacchietti (drums)
Kiki Cretin (bass)


Produced by: PaZouZou, Gerard Magin

Engineered by: tbd

Mixed by : tbd

Mastered by: tbd

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In the early 1980’s, MARCO PAGANINI was the lead vocalist in the Hannover based rock group VIVA. While singing in the pioneering English metal band TYGERS OF PAN TANG, when he was discovered by BARBARA SCHENKER at a double bill with The SCORPIONS. RUDOLPH SCHENKER invited him to join them on their return to Germany and taking them up on the offer MARCO and BARBARA formed VIVA together. Being one of the top European acts at this time, MARCO recorded 2 LP’s with VIVA, before embarking on a solo career. Along with VIVA guitarist RALPH MURPHY, MARCO returned to Switzerland to form the group PAGANINI. Their first release “Weapon Of Love”, spawned the hit “Berlin By Night”, which reached the charts in Germany thru Polygram, and as well landed on the movie soundtrack for “ALPHA CITY”. In 2003, the incarnation of PAGANINI was formed and recorded the Long Play CD “Esoterrorism” and the follow up CD “Resurrection”. After touring in support of those CD’s they teamed up with GERHARD MAGIN (CREMATORY, MYSTIC CIRCLE etc.) to record a full length CD of new original material entitled “Medicine Man”. This new release will be the second on their own label PAZOUZOU RECORDS.
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