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Paganini – Resurrection

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Marco Paganini (vocals)
Dale Powers (guitar)
Diego Rapaccietti (drums)
Kiki Crétin (bass)


Produced by: Zou Zou Mamoux

Engineered by: tbd

Mixed by : Zou Zou Mamoux

Mastered by: Glenn Miller

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13 new songs from Swiss rock legend Paganini? Well, yes and no! A greatest hits collection? Not really…Marco Paganini and New York producer Zouzoumamoux have teamed up again to create this celebration of his musical career which spans over 25 years starting in Germany with the legendary rock band "Viva", thru his solo career (including the chart hits "Berlin by night" and "It’s a long way to the top") and his later efforts including his travels to America where he ended up in Paisley Park collaborating with "Prince" on the classic ballad "Time", which he later recorded together with ex-Kingdom Come guitarist Angie Schlilerro. Re-arranged and re-recorded in 2005.
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