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Pain Of Salvation – Scarsick

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Daniel Gildenlow (vocals, banjo, guitar, bass)
Johan Hallgren (guitar)
Johan Langell (drums)


Produced by: Daniel Gildenlow

Engineered by: Daniel Gildenlow

Mixed by : Daniel Gildenlow

Mastered by: Jens Bogren

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Pain of Salvation is a Swedish progressive metal band featuring Daniel Gildenlöw, who is the lyricist, chief composer, guitarist, and lead vocalist. Their sound is characterised by powerful, accentuated guitar work, broad vocal range, abrupt switching between heavy and calm passages, intense syncopation, and polyrhythmic experimentation. Another trademark of the band is that each album is a concept album. Some examples of the topics addressed in the band’s albums are: war and its effect on family and humanity, environmental issues (e.g., nuclear power), the forming of the individual, and the nature of God, humankind, and existence. The new album, Scarsick, was released on January 22, 2007, having leaked early December 2006. It is more band oriented than BE, with Daniel Gildenlöw playing bass in the studio. Recent interviews with Daniel have revealed that Scarsick is, in fact, the second part of The Perfect Element, confirming the speculation of many fans.
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