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Paul Band, The Robert – Breaking Into

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Robert Paul Gay (guitar)
Michael Bateman (vocals)
Rob Scavetto (keyboards)
Mark Wilson (bass)
Kellen Chesnutt (drums)

Produced by: Robert Paul Gay, Jonathan Beckner, Michael Bateman
Engineered by: Jonathan Beckner
Mixed by : Jonathan Beckner
Mastered by: Steve Rawls

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If you are guessing who is Robert Paul (real name Robert Paul Gay) he was mostly known as ‘Robbie Gay’, the lead guitarist in The Johnny Van Zant Band for 15 years.and he played on such great albums like “No More Dirty Deals” or “The Last Of The Wild Ones” and also at the all-time classic ‘Van Zant’ album from 1985. “Breaking Into” is a fantastic piece of ’80s sounding US classic rock / melodic with very, very good songs and top notch performances. If you love ’80s Van Zant, Night Ranger, REO Speedwagon, Sammy Hagar and alike, don’t miss this “Breaking Into”.

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