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Pavic – Is War The Answer

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1. Is War the Answer?
2. In Your Eyes
3. Song for the Rain
4. Your Own Misery
5. Notorious
6. Every Time I Die
7. Strong Enough
8. Welcome To My World
9. Free Fall
10. Once Again

Joe Calabro (vocals)
Marko Pavic (guitars)
Aleks Ferrara (bass)
Lorenzo Antonelli (keyboards)
Antonio Aronne (drums)

Produced by: TBD
Engineered by: TBD
Mixed by: TBD
Mastered by: TBD

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After having released two albums in the mid 00’s, Marko Pavic and his self-named band from Italy are heading for the biggest turn on their career so far. Indeed, before this band was considered as a second knife, who delivered some regular melodic Hard Rock, surfing on ‘the guest appearances of famous musicians’ trick to try to make a name of their own, their “Taste Some Liberty” in late 2005 or “Unconditioned” (2008) which was the second publishing, were quite well received but failed to make them an established reputation. After some turmoils in the line-up and the departure of vocalist Chris Catena in 2010, PAVIC was on winter sleep, but in early 2013, the band was active again, with a new drummer and a new lead singer but mostly, a new dynamic, an improved sound which is moving into a more straight and contemporary direction.

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