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Q-Ten Peck – Prestige



Q-Ten Peck (vocals)
Andi Turzer (guitar)
Abi Von Reninghaus (guitar)
Shunyam Korber (guitar)
Kalle Wallner (guitar)
Raed Kashhoukgi (guitar, bass)
Martin Motnik (bass)
Piotr Cichewicz (bass)
Carsten Enghardt (drums)
Godo Soti (drums)


Produced by: Angelo Castiglioni, Q-Ten Peck

Engineered by: Jazzy Jentzmyk, Casten Enghardt

Mixed by : Peter Stimmel, Q-Ten Peck

Mastered by: Bobby Altvater, Q-Ten Peck

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Q-Ten Peck is a musician who raises attention with his wilful style of accomplishing things. The composer and vocalist has been compared with big names such as Bryan Adams or Mike Tramp by the music trade journal Melodic Journey and awarded 9 out of 10 points for the rough cuts of Peck’s debut feature “Prestige”. During the past two years Q-Ten Peck, the lead vocalist and front man of the identically named band, has been producing the material for the debut album “Prestige”. During the same time the band also went on tour to check the songs on-stage. Audience response was terrific and as the support band for Mothers Finest, Q-Ten Peck were able to prove that the band and their songs are able to sweep along demanding and spoilt audiences and party with even with critics. While well-known musicians such as the guitarists Kalle Wallner (RPWL), Manuel Lopez, Raed Khashoukgi, Hammond and keyboarder Jogi Lang (RPWL), bassist Reggie Worthy (ex Tina Tuner) drummers Godo Soti (ex SERUM) and Agostino Catanzaro played a significant part in refining the spirit and sound of Q-Ten Peck songs, the no less well-known line-up of Tom Rauschhardt and Shunyam Körber (on guitars), Christof von Haniel (keyboards), Peter Stimmel (bass) and Carsten Enghardt (drums) provided a successful implementation on stage. To let the produced material benefit of the “ripening process“, Q Ten Peck decided to re-record the complete material in 2007, despite having previously long completed the production and fixed release date. Around the charismatic front man Q-Ten Peck well-knowns Abi von Reininghaus, Andi Turzer and Shunyam Körber (guitars), Martin Motnik and Piotr Cichewicz (Bass), Christof von Haniel (keyboards and Hammond) and Carsten Enghardt (Drums & Percussion) can be found amongst the final line-up for “Prestige”.
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