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Raspberry Park – Scratchin The Surface

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Mikkel Bryde (vocals, keyboards)
Jes Kirstein (guitar)
Morten Maltesen (bass)
Jesper Andersen (drums)

Produced by: Raspberry Park

Engineered by: Jes Kirstein, Morten Maltesen, Mikkel Bryde

Mixed by : Jes Kirstein, Morten Maltesen

Mastered by: Jes Kirstein, Morten Maltesen

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RASPBERRY PARK is a Danish melodic rock band with deep roots in the Danish rock scene, consisting of four musicians with long careers working with some of Denmark’s biggest acts. Melodic rock, hard rock , classic rock, AOR and a heavy dose of modern rock is all being mixed into a very recognizable sound entirely their own . Strong songwriting, musicality, big productions combined with a powerful and engaging live show is what this is all about. Their overall sounds leans more towards the classic US 80s melodic rock genre – think BAD COMPANY (Brian Howe era), late 80s FOREIGNER and even GIANT and you’ll get the picture. A tremendous start for this Danish quartet.
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