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Rembrandts, The – Lost Together

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1. Lost Together
2. St. Paul
3. I’m In Love
4. Too Late
5. You Are The One
6. One Of Us
7. The Way She Smiles
8. Another Day Down
9. Buddy Jo
10. Long Way To Go
11. Big Plans
12. Some Other World
13. Happiness

Phil Solem (vocals, guitar, bass)
Danny Wilde (vocals, guitar, bass)

Additional Musicians:
John Fields (keyboards)
Dorian Crozier (drums)
Michael Bland (drums)
Ken Chastain (percussion)
Michael Severens (cello)
Matt Darling (trombone)

Produced by: John Fields and The Rembrandts 
Engineered by: John Fields
Mixed by : Chuck Zwicky and Danny Wilde 
Mastered by: Dave Collins

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After a three year hiatus, Phil Solem and Danny Wilde, the song writing duo known as The Rembrandts have reunited to “just hang out and write a few tunes.” Fourteen songs and more than a year later, The Rembrandts are putting the finishing touches on their fourth upcoming album “Lost Together”. The Rembrandts, who brought us a string of Top 40 Hits (Top 20 in Europe) such as “That’s Just The Way It Is, Baby”, “Johnny Have You Seen Her?”, “This House Is Not A Home” and “I’ll Be There For You” (theme from the TV show “Friends”) commenced recording with long time friend and producer John Fields in his basement studio in Minneapolis. “Having worked with us on our third album ‘L.P’, John understands the heart, soul and insanity of our creative process. It’s the art of fun and friendship for me and Phil” says Danny. This is pop/rock with great harmonies and personality, added with melodies that other artists would kill for. Having said that, long time fans should think about taking a ride with The Rembrandts, and getting “Lost Together” on their latest musical journey

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