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Rhapsody Sweden – Strange Vibrations


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1. I’ve Done All I Can
2. Been So Long
3. Crazy Dance
4. Belly Dancer
5. Strange Vibrations
6. The Creepers
7. Take To The Highway
8. It’s Gotta Be Tonight
9. Sweet Rock’N’Roll

Peter Åhs (keyboard)
Kjell-Åke Norén (guitar, keyboards)
Benny Ahlkvist (vocals)
Torbjörn Persson (drums, percussion)
Rudolf Janszky (bass)

Produced by:Bob Lander
Engineered by:Bob Lander
Mixed by :Bob Lander
Mastered by:tbd

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RHAPSODY SWEDEN was formed as a 4-piece band back in 1974: Kjell-Åke Noren, Benny Ahlqvist, Rudolf Janszky, Torbjörn Persson. 1977 the band was joined by Peter Åhs on keyboard and the same year was fairly successful for the band and they were booked on tons of gigs in Sweden and Scandinavia. Later the same year they were also booked on a tour in Hungary for a month with over 25 gigs. They did TV-shows and a radio show for the national Hungarian radio and TV. When they came back from Hungary they continued to play concerts in Sweden and the album became a hit on the chart and the album is still cult-rated for the Swedish hardrock/pomp/aor – audience. Torbjörn Persson: “Now after all these years we’re very proud that MTM wants to re-release our album again, and that we could get hold of the mastertapes. We have remastered the old songs carefully and we have also recorded two brand new songs as bonus tracks for this re-release.” “When we recorded these new songs our old chemistry was back and it almost felt like if there were 4 teenagers back in the studio. It was great fun and we decided to record new songs for an album right away.

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