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Ride The Sky – New Protection

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Bjorn Jansson (vocals)
Benny Jansson (guitar)
Mathias Granas (bass)
Kasper Dahlqvist (keyboards)
Uli Kusch (drums)


Produced by: Benny Jansson, Uli Kusch, Bjorn Jansson

Engineered by: Benny Jansson

Mixed by : Benny jansson

Mastered by: Christofer Stannow

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New band of ex-HELLOWEEN/MASTERPLAN drummer Uli Kusch, ex-TEARS OF ANGER/BEYOND TWILIGHT singer Bjørn Jansson, guitar player Benny Jansson, bass player Mathias Granås (XSAVIOR) and keyboardist Kaspar Dahlqvist (DIONYSUS, STORMWIND). Having already established themselves in the competitive hard rock scene with their many previous projects, the five musicians Uli, Kaspar, Bjorn, Benny, and Mathias are now ready to step out into a new international spotlight with their latest project RIDE THE SKY. This thrilling ensemble has been busy for several months rehearsing, producing and spreading the word about RIDE THE SKY. The band’s perfect blend of enthusiasm and experience is well reflected in their tough, yet melodic sound. The album is bound to elevate RIDE THE SKY into contention to join the oligarchy of European hard rock. RIDE THE SKY’s music creates crucial feelings of curiosity with its modern power metal aggression, yet coloured by AOR and progressive elements and elaborate orchestral arrangements.
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