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Rumours, The – Hot Bang

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Carli Foxx (vocals, guitar)
Ela Rose (bass)
StuThedew (guitar)
Daniel Kluiter (drums)

Produced by: The Rumours
Engineered by: tbd
Mixed by : Hassein Rife, Kevin Rife
Mastered by: Hassein Rife, Kevin Rife

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Hard hitting Rock N Roll that’s sexy as it is loud! Fronted by the captivating Carli Foxx. A true rock star if their ever was one. She is charismatic, energetic, captivating. and she commands the stage with her presence. Do not dismiss her for being a pretty face. This chick ROCKS! Pat Benatar, Joan Jett, Janis Joplin all rolled into one sprinkled with the attitude and swagger of a female member of Guns n Roses. However, what good is a captivating front woman without an equally killer band to back her up? Each one with their own unique personality which is only rivaled by their talent and showmanship on stage. Raising the energy and electricity that comes off of it, when the first opening guitar chord rings out. Daniel Kluiter attacks the drums as if they owed him money. He keeps the beat rock solid, and is without a doubt, FUN to watch live. StuThedew may seem quiet at first, but once on stage he is in a world all his own, and it is a world he commands with his guitar. His playing is jaw dropping , with his hybrid old school meets the new young hip today. Last and certainly not the least we have the final piece of the puzzle, Ela Rose. She may look sweet and innocent , but again don’t judge the book by it’s cover folks. She is 100% ROCK N ROLL , and is like a sip of Southern Comfort with a shot of novocaine . When she takes the stage she like her band mates, does not hold back! You just don’t hear the Rumours, you see them, you experience them. As they are Lighting in a bottle, and a band of four that are truly meant to accomplish big things in the years to come.

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