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Serum – See Through My Eyes

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1. Jack
2. Seven Wishes
3. How I Wished
4. Turn Back The Tide
5. Electrified
6. Reign Of Time
7. Daddy’s Love
8. Sunshade
9. Crazy Way Of Life
10. Devil’s Train
11. Father To Child
12. Suspicious

Wolfgang Grabner (vocals)
Markus Grutzner (bass)
Thomas Streck (keyboards)
Martin Kursawe (guitar)
Klaus Engl (drums)

Produced by : Bobby Altwater
Engineered by : Bobby Altwater
Mixed by : Bobby Altwater
Mastered by : Bobby Altwater

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Heavy guitars merge with spacy keyboard sounds – a vocalist with a powerful and soulful voice and with it a fundament of groovy bass and subtle drums that is definely more than just a rhythm section. A formula that goes straight to your blood – SERUM. Since the bands formation back in 1996 a lot has happened. The new album “See Thru My Eyes” proves the amazing ability of the band to create an independent and homogenous sound from 5 musical personalities that couldn’t be more different. The 12 new songs show the group’s unmistakable face: with rough edges, uncompromising, unconventional and non-commercial.

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