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Serum – See Through My Eyes

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Wolfgang Grabner (vocals)
Markus Grutzner (bass)
Thomas Streck (keyboards)

Martin Kursawe (guitar)
Klaus Engl (drums)

Produced by : Bobby Altwater
Engineered by : Bobby Altwater
Mixed by : Bobby Altwater
Mastered by : Bobby Altwater


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Heavy guitars merge with spacy keyboard sounds – a vocalist with a powerful and soulful voice and with it a fundament of groovy bass and subtle drums that is definely more than just a rhythm section. A formula that goes straight to your blood – SERUM. Since the bands formation back in 1996 a lot has happened. The new album "See Thru My Eyes" proves the amazing ability of the band to create an independent and homogenous sound from 5 musical personalities that couldn’t be more different. The 12 new songs show the group’s unmistakable face: with rough edges, uncompromising, unconventional and non-commercial.

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