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Compass – Our Time On Earth


5.0 (1 review)

Ben Green (vocals)
Steve Newman (guitar, keyboards)
Dave Bartlett (bass, backing vocals)
Toni Lakush (drums)

Produced by: Compass
Engineered by: TBD
Mixed by: TBD
Mastered by: TBD

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THE CONCEPTION The Compass story began back in December 2017 when singer songwriter Steve Newman decided to write a few songs that musically would step outside the barriers imposed by many years writing for his own band Newman. This was to be something very different, liberating, both musically and lyrically, from anything he had created before, with the freedom to move across genres and not be pigeon holed within any particular musical style. THE BAND Part of this removal from Steve’s previous work would involve looking for a singer to bring these ideas to life. After a few auditions and a few calls in the latter part of 2018 Steve started talking with singer Ben Green about the songs and through these conversations the nucleus of the band started to take shape. Ben “When Steve called to ask if I wanted be part of this band, I had to pinch myself. Learning from such an accomplished and talented musician and vocalist has been such a joy. I had such a great time putting these vocals down and feel privileged to be a part of this immense catalogue of songs. I think we have created something very special with this band and songs and I can’t wait to get it out there!”
Steve “There is something very unique about Ben’s voice and I knew after hearing him sing for the first time he could convey the sentiment behind these songs and carry these ideas forward to a different level. I have always been inspired by great singers with the ability to communicate in a very honest and believable way and to reach out to the listener, Ben has been born with this gift” David Bartlett joined the band in early 2019 and was a very natural choice, Dave being a member of the Newman touring band for the passed 9 years. with the addition of Toni Lakush filling the drum position most of the recordings were then completed between January and April in London UK. THE MUSIC A very eclectic mix pulling in influences from Dream Theater, Rush, Saga, through It Bites, and Pink Floyd. We hope that “Our Time On Earth” will take the listener on a musical and lyrical journey through emotions and the highs and lows of what essentially this collection of songs is about. Our lives, and the path that each individual takes and how their actions affect themselves and people around them “From our first breath to our death, this is our time on earth”.

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1 review for Compass – Our Time On Earth

  1. mrnot (verified owner)

    Surprise, surprise.. Unexpected interestingness. Although I’ve known OF Newman for years, I’ve just not heard anything that grabbed me. I was looking for something interesting to fill out an order, and the song clips for this were intriguing. I have been very pleasantly surprised. The musical chops on display are plenty impressive. The melodic hooks hold your interest while the progressivity keeps you from getting bored. The production is clear & punchy. A worthy inclusion in my library.

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