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Goddo – Who Cares

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Greg Godovitz (vocals, bass, keyboards, guitar)
Gino Scarpelli (guitar, bass)
Doug Inglis (drums, vocals)

Produced by: Thomas Morley-Turner
Engineered by: Mike Jones
Mixed by: TBD
Remastered by: Jon Astley

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* Special Deluxe Collector’s Edition
* Fully Remastered Audio
* 11 Bonus tracks
* Features ‘Tough Times’, ‘Cock On’, ‘Sweet Thing’ and ‘Too Much Carousing’
* 16 page full colour booklet – 3,500 word essay, enhanced artwork with previously unseen
photos and new interview with Greg Goddovitz.

“WE’VE SAID IT on numerous occasions before but Canadian rock has always offered up something quite unique and impressive. We don’t know if it’s something to do with the water supply or that their musician’s brains are wired differently, but Canadian recordings are, more often than not, overflowing with a depth of complexity that dwarfs similar acts from other countries. It’s a strange phenomenon for sure but entirely true and Goddo are no exception to that rule.
Formed as a crushing power trio during the mid-seventies, led by polymath Greg Goddo on bass, the band quickly rose to prominence on their debut album; laying down a foundation of meaty riffs and intriguing songs laced with acerbic lyrics and the sort of wit that still raises a chuckle. But let’s not for one moment suggest that Goddo were a comedy act; far from it. The serious musical assault and intense lyrical delivery suggests a band with a keen eye on the bigger prize.
‘…WHO CARES…’, recorded in Toronto, and issued in 1978, showcases a band on the move. Whilst their debut album made a firm case for pummelling hard rock, ‘…WHO CARES…’ lays down the law in similar fashion but also pushes the envelope, introducing more complex arrangements and acoustic parts, like the cello accompaniment to ‘Tough Times’. But if its meat and potatoes rock that you desire look no further than ‘Cock On’, ‘Too Much Carousing’ and, the could have been hit single ‘Sweet Thing’. This album is one of the cornerstones of Canadian rock, make no mistake.”

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