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RevLover – Too Fast For The Competition


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TBD (vocals0
Jonni Rylde (guitar)
TBD (guitar)
Paul Shelly
Keith Black (drums)

Produced by: Doc

Engineered by: TBD

Mixed by: TBD

Mastered by: TBD

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REVLOVER the Los Angeles based hard rock group was very much a big part of music scene in the U.S. and a Sunset Strip show-case group. REVLOVER composed and performed all original music and was a self-contained music business that recorded and produced itself with management from Dream Productions, a Carvin endorsement, publicity by Deborah Rosner and many in roads with promoters, press and record companies. REVLOVER existence was during the LA rock band scene heyday from 1988-1994. REVOLVER toured the U.S. extensively during this period of the time. REVLOVER also released two records which were distributed at concerts played all over the U.S.

INCEPTION 1986-1988
REVLOVER actually started as an entirely different group in it’s beginnings. Originally from South Florida musicians David Michael, Thomas Bond, Jonni Rylde, Paul Schelly and Jason Banger were members of two groups who played at the same club called Knobbies mutually realizing that a fusion of their two groups into one group was a move that empowered them to dominate the local South Florida rock scene at the time. They played classic venues such as Art Stock’s Play Pen and ultimately ended up as the house band at Penrod’s on the beach in Fort Lauderdale. LIX was the original group name and was originally the name the band had when it arrived in Los Angeles in 1987. Shortly after that the group reorganized and created the REVLOVER name and image.
The first homebase for the group was a 20 acre horse ranch in Sunland, giving the group seclusion to play music and work on material and show content. REVLOVER started building a reputation as a serious group and made a change in it’s line up by replacing drummer Jason Banger with drummer from Michigan Keith Black, at that point it was full steam ahead killing it in Hollywood and the general local scene.

REVLOVER’s stage show got finely tuned and expanded to the national stage. Before touring the first REVLOVER record was recorded and packaged for sale along with a complete merchandise line of records, photos and clothing. REVLOVER often crossed paths with many celebrity musicians and would have special guests on stage such as: Don Dokken, Zack Wylde, the late Janie Lane, the late Randy Castillio and other assorted professional artists of the time. REVLOVER opened for groups like Foghat as well as
big LA groups like Brunette. Brunette also rented a rehearsal space at a compound REVLOVER operated in Lake View Terrace. Both groups parked their tour busses there during this exciting time these groups operated. REVLOVER the band worked relentlessly ultimately coming to another crossroads with depature of guitarist Jonni Rylde; hence, molding their sound into a more stream lined and agressive super heavy rock group. Moving forward they went ahead with a second record and extensive tour schedule. Dream Productions provided management and resources to keep the band on a forward path as well as the band members putting all in to succeed. Even though REVLOVER got to see many glory times the styles ultimately changed to the rise of grunge music. As a result the band decided to repackage itself and end the REVLOVER group as a working entity in early 1994.

As life goes the years roll on and the REVLOVER masters were shelved until 2018 when FnA records signed the band to their label allowing the public access to an amazing time and an amazing group…….Don’t let the name fool you.

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1 review for RevLover – Too Fast For The Competition

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Paul Schifanelli

    Great rock music and compositions with a really great group of musicians. Wonderful professional package as a whole with great artwork and photography as well as a complete group history.

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