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Ships 08/24/18: Skull II – Now More Than Ever (2CD)


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- Disc 1 –
1 Cave of the Heart
2 I Walk These Streets
3 Children of Paradise
4 Troubleshooter
5 Now More Than Ever
6 Three Words Away
7 Heart of Stone
8 All Night Long
9 A Place in the Sun
10 At the End of the Line
11 Velvet Touch
12 Eyes of Fire
13 The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter
14 Streetfight
15 Children of Paradise (Original Demo)
16 Troubleshooter (Original Demo)
17 I Walk These Streets (12 Track Demo)
18 Now More Than Ever (12 Track Demo)
19 Skull Radio Advert
- Disc 2 –
1 I Walk These Streets (Instrumental 4 Track Demo)
2 Now More Than Ever (12 Track Demo)
3 Streetfight (12 Track Demo)
4 I Like My Music Loud (Demo)
5 Head Over Heels (Original Demo)
6 Guitar Commandos (Alternate Demo)
7 Living on the Edge (Original Demo #1)
8 Living on the Edge (Original Demo #2)
9 King of the Night (Rough Mix)
10 Little Black Book (12 Track Demo)
11 Breaking the Chains (Live Rehearsal)
12 I Walk These Streets (Rehearsal)
13 This Side of Paradise (Rough)
14 Guitar Commandos (Original Demo)
15 Head Over Heels (Alternate Demo)
16 Streetfight (Alternate Demo)
17 Living on the Edge (Rough Mix)
18 Little Black Book (Alternate Demo)



Produced by: TBD

Engineered by: TBD

Mixed by: TBD

Mastered by: TBD

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Although Kulick almost joined KISS in 1973, beaten to the gig by Ace Frehley, Bob did go on to work with the band on Alive II, Unmasked and Killers, as well as Paul Stanley’s 1978 solo LP. Bob’s younger brother, Bruce Kulick, would go on to join KISS for a number of years. He also found time to play on Lou Reed’s Coney Island Baby (1975), Michael Bolton’s 1983 debut, WASP’s The Crimson Idol (1992) and Still Not Black Enough (1995), as well as a long running collaboration with Meat Loaf, from touring the Bat Out Of Hell LP, through to 1987’s “Live at Wembley” album and playing on two albums with Balance in the early 80s. In the 1990s, he’d record in Blackthorne, alongside former Rainbow vocalist Graham Bonnet, as well as the short-lived Murderer’s Row. In 1991, Kulick formed the hard rock group, Skull, releasing the sole LP, “No Bones About It”. This 37 track, 2CD set represents a “what could have been” second Skull album. It includes 14 previously unreleased original studio tracks making up an entire “lost” album’s worth of Skull material, plus an abundance of demos dating back to the earliest stages of the band’s recording history. What can be considered one of the strongest collections of “lost” songs unearthed in recent times, this release is not to be missed for fans of Skull’s debut album “No Bones About It” or for enthusiasts of KISS’s records of the late 70s and 80s.

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