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Skid Row – 40 Seasons The Best Of

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Rachel Bolan (bass)
Rob Affuso (drums)
Sebastian Bach (vocals)
Snake Sabo (guitar)


Produced by: Skid Row, Michael Wagener, Rob Rock

Engineered by: tbd

Mixed by : tbd

Mastered by: tbd

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All the hit singles that Sebastian Bach and company cranked out during their run of superstardom are here. Skid Row was one of the last hair metal bands to hit the mainstream before grunge took over in the early ’90s. They were also arguably the last of such bands to have any originality. While their 1989 self-titled release used standard pop-metal riffs and contained a handful of generic lyrics, 1991’s Slave to the Grind and 1995’s Subhuman Race broke away from the pop-metal mold with uncharacteristically hard, thrashy guitars and more unique songwriting while still relying on varying ’80s metal formulas. Though personal differences and changing trends would eventually tear the band apart by 1996, Skid Row showed a tremendous amount of promise during their short run in the mainstream.
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