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Snakegod – Invitation

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1. Another Part Of Heaven
2. Don’t Rescue Her
3. Defender
4. Behind The Storm
5. Black Heart Is Always Blind
6. Divine High Priestess
7. Evil Woman
8. King Of The Dream
9. Lost In Time
10. Snakebite
11. Snakegod
12. Time And Again
13. Invitation

Jari Tiura (vocals)
Marko Ruokonen (guitar)
Petri Repo (bass)
Jani Holli (keyboards)
Kari Lahtinen(drums)
Heikki Malmberg(drums)
Produced by : iLMARiNEN
Engineered by : iLMARiNEN and Kari Vähäkuopus
Mixed by : T.T. Oksala
Mastered by : tbd

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The Melodic-Metal group SNAKEGOD was founded 1998 in Tampere, Finland. Right from the start, the northern Europeans were considered a top secret top act, a highlight in the finnish musical scene. In ’99 and 2000, the band recorded some demos, gathered it’st strength, and was able to raise the quality of their style continually; they established their own unique sound. While recording their debut album “Invitation”, two band members left and were replaced by Kari “Lacu” Lahtinen, who banged the drums for MICHAEL MONROE, and Jani Hölli on keyboards. With “Invitation”, SNAKEGOD, a new band with high expectations, gave a unique debut. Their music, definitely Melodic Heavy Metal, can be compared to classics like WHITESNAKE, RAINBOW, and DEEP PURPLE, with a touch of DREAM THEATRE, and SAGA, mixed with their own style and the joy to play young Fins have. The album is mixed by the new HIM album producer TT OKSALA!

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