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Soeterboek, The Cotton Band – Twisted

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Robert Soeterboek (vocals)
Alan Cotton (guitar)
Reynold Carlson (drums)
Wilfried Broekman (drums)
Mike Davis (bass)
Wim Den Boer (bass)
Produced by: Robert Salvaggio
Engineered by: tbd
Mixed by : tbd
Mastered by: Rodney Mills

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The Cotton Soeterback Band redefines Rock and Roll for a modern audience on their first full album “Twisted“. By any
standard, the band is unique. They take the larger life mystique of hard rock and modernize it. Few bands sound this powerful or versatile. A combination of English blues rock from the 70’s with Southern Rock Sensibilities. The album really shines due to sharp songwriting and the band’s ear for strong riffs and chorus melodies. Not to mention
ROBERT SOETERBOEK`S (AYERON, WICKED SENSATION) appropriate vocal swagger and the gritty muscular guitar work of ALAN COTTON. There are few bands that sound so versatile within the musical territory of hard rock. The band recorded the album in Los Angeles with producer ROBERT SALVAGGIO (CREED, PUDDLE OF MUDD, JEWEL). Mastering was handled by RODNEY MILLS (LYNYRD SKYNYRD, ALLMAN BROTHERS). On “Twisted”, the band offers a tough, streamlined fusion of American and British hard rock, that combined with ROBERT SELVAGGIO`S clean production, sounds utterly modern yet timeless all of the parts blend into powerfull distinctive sound to create a unique hybrid that recalls the past without being indebted to it.

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