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Sparklands – Tomocyclus

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Thomas Riekerk (vocals)
Robert Riekerk (guitar, keyboards, bass)
Simon Gitsels (keyboards)
Minco Eggersman (drums, keyboards)
Martijn Groeeveld (keyboards)


Produced by: Martijn Groeneveld 


Engineered by: tbd 


Mixed by : Martijn Groeneveld 


Mastered by: Martijn Groeneveld 

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Thomas Riekerk and his brother Robert gathered some befriended producers and musicians, like Simon Gitsels, Minco Eggersman and Martijn Groeneveld and started the writing and recording sessions for Sparklands. The guys worked hard on getting that famous retro sound, by using a lot of vintage gear they layed down the ultimate AOR sound for their debut record TOMOCYCLUS. Songs filled with big guitar solos, huge drums, powerful catchy hooklines and melodies and multi layered backing vocals delivering a tasteful collection of songs bringing back the days of bands like Boulevard, Saga, Mr. Mister, Bad English and Giant.

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